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Obstetric hemorrhage (OH) is the most common serious complication of childbirth and is the most preventable cause of maternal mortality. Recent data suggest the rate of OH are increasing in developed countries, including the United States1.

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Help the Knowledge Exchange in the fight against maternal morbidity and mortality

This peer-to-peer program will provide an exchange of prespectives and best practices to help you protect your patients in the fight against maternal morbidity and mortality.

As part of the Knowledge Exchange you will :

  • Hear from your peers
  • Provide your perspective
  • Recieve Practice Tools and Resources

In order for us to develop a program that is tailored to your interests, please answer the following questions:

What is the single most important topic you would like to hear more from your peers regarding OH?
(select one)

How interested are you in learning what protocols your peers are using when treating OH?

  1. Main EK, Goffman D, Scavone, BM et al. National Partnership for Maternal Safety: Consensus Bundle on Obstetric Hemorrhage.Obstet Gynecol.2015;126:155-162.