For the prevention and management of uterine hemorrhage1

Methergine® is the only
FDA-approved oral uterotonic1,2

  • Widely used in US hospitals, after oxytocin3 – Available for routine dosing from IM/IV to oral
  • Demonstrated tablet efficacy1,4 – Significant reduction in blood loss4 – Rapid onset of action (5-10 minutes)1
  • Generally well-tolerated safety profile1 – Lower risk of hemorrhage-related morbidity compared with carboprost5 – Comparable side-effect profile to misoprostol6,7 – No significant increase in ACS or AMI8
  • ACOG recommended as an appropriate first-line uterotonic agent unless contraindicated, as in patients with hypertension9,10
Only FDA-Approved Oral Utertonic | Uterine Hemorrhage Prevention & Management Info
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